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Logging into MinuteBox

Q. What is the MinuteBox URL?

A. To login to MinuteBox type  app.minutebox.com in Chrome or Edge

The Dashboard - Creating Filters

For more information on creating a filter to display only your Entities, please see the following article Creating Filters to show only your Entities

Q. Is there a way to add a date range to a filter?

A. Yes, you are able to select specific months, or quarters etc. Simply use a "stacked" filter and select each month in the range.

Q. How do you delete a filter?

A. Hover over the ellipses (…) to the right of the filter name and choose  Delete.

The Entity Information Summary - General

Q. It appears as if MinuteBox is not task based - is that true?

A. There is no prescriptive task order in MinuteBox. There is no need to add a task or person before performing another action.

Q. Is there a way to return to the same spot in the Entity where I was working?

A. Yes, click the ellipses (...) at the top right-hand side of the dashboard. Choose Settings, click Display Settings in the left-hand task pane then click Last View for Entity. When you open the Entity next time, you are automatically returned to the section within you were working

The Entity Information Summary - Adding Directors

Q. What does Other refer to in the Director modal?

A.  Other refers to where else in the Entity this person is referenced. Hover over the number in the Other References column to view details. In the above example we can see that Violet Yellow is also the President (elected 1 November 2021)

Q. In what order are the names listed in MinuteBox and how should I search for them?

A. Names in MinuteBox are presented in firstname, lastname order. MinuteBox search checks both fields and the email address

Q. When typing a Director or Officer name, what does it look like if this person already exists in the database?

A. If the person is already in the database their names are displayed like this:

Click Paul Hewson from the list.

Q. How do I edit a Director/Officer data quickly?

A. Click the Director/Officer name to open the Director/Officer modal (window).

The Entity Information Summary - Persons

Q. Can you explain how Persons work in connection with Entities?

A.  Persons - Reference - indicates the person is associated with an EntityReference and Entity may be easily merged - select both and choose merge from the toolbar.
Whereas Entity View allows to search and view entity records by entity name, Persons View allows you to search and view person records by the searching an individual or legal person.

The Person Information Summary displays a person's name(s), contact information, and entity relationship by role (e.g. position) held in each entity,  and by entity affiliation based on role (shareholder in companies A,B, & C,  director in companies B & K, etc.)
Q. How easy is it to avoid duplicating a person? How do you know which one is correct?

A. Start typing the name (e.g., when entering a new Director or Officer), if a match comes up -  bold indicates the person is already associated with the Entity. Non-bold - indicates the person is in MinuteBox, but not associated with the Entity in which you are working

  • Start typing the Director’s name in the Person field
  • Hover over the small icon to the right of the person’s name (a)
  • MinuteBox displays the Entities with which the person is associated (b)

Q. When entering/searching for persons (see above) what if the person has been entered into the platform as Jim Smith? Or J.W. Smith? Rather than James Smith?

A. MinuteBox searches  firstnamelastname and email address - “fuzzy searches” are also in use. (Note: Wildcards do not work).

Suggested Best Practice: if entering a large number of Directors/Officers etc. you may want to go to the Persons view and perform a search to check whether or not the person is already in MinuteBox before entering.

Ledger & Registers

Ledgers and Registers are dynamically generated from the data entered in the Entity Information Summary. Ledger & Registers can be shared externally. You no longer need to add the Ledgers and Registers to the minute book

Q. How do we generate Ledgers & Registers for a client?

A. Ledgers & Registers are dynamically generated, you may also download them to Word or Excel. Immediately after an edit takes place in the Entity Information summary, the Ledgers & Registers automatically adjust to reflect the changes.
See question directly below for information on sharing Ledgers & Registers 

Q. Can you send (share) specific Ledgers & Registers?

A. Yes, go to  Ledgers & Registers, click the Share button and choose Download as Docx.  MinuteBox displays a list of Ledgers & Registers available - only data you have entered into the Entity Information Summary is visible

Q. Can I send something from the Ledgers & Registers at a specific point in time?

A. Yes, use  "Time Travel" click GoTo (Time Travel) to display the specific date, then download the file (Sharing of course will not lock something in time - as the Entity data changes dynamically)

The "Time Travel" Feature - GoTo Date Button

Time Travel allows you to view the data in your Entity at an earlier date - a "snapshot" in time. Time Travel works with the data stored in the Entity Information Summary, (Directors, Officers, Share Capital), the Ledger & Registers, Calendar Items and the Minute books

Q. Is it easy to re-set Time Travel to today - can it be done quickly?

A. When in Time Travel, the Viewing box is always visible at the top of the screen.Click Done to return to today instantly

Q. Does the GoTo Date functionality change the dates everywhere?

A. This completely depends where you are in MinuteBox when you initiate the command. In the Entity Information Summary, the date changes everywhere. In Ledgers & Registers the date changes only in the Ledger or Register you are currently viewing

Q. The GoTo Date field is obviously important. What happens if I don’t have a date?

A. The  Date field can be left blank when you have a situation where there isn’t a specific date

The Minute Book, Sharing and Downloading 

Q. I have 100 different documents to add to my Minute Book - how do I do that?

A. Best Practice for uploading to a Minute Book

  • Upload Tabs.pdf first
  • Apply Magic wand to the tabs.pdf
  • Drag or drop files to a specific section, or choose upload to a section from the toolbar
  • In the minute book - drag or drop pages to move them around - or click Edit then choose Move (to new section) from the toolbar
Q. How do I send only the Articles section of a minute book?
A. Hover over the Articles title page in your Minute Book, click the vertical ellipses on the left-hand side of the page, click Share. The “Sharee” receives a nice clean link to the Articles section only
Q. Once I’ve downloaded something from MinuteBox, do I have to save it to the desktop, then share via email?

A. If you've chosen to download a .CSV or .DOCX, save it to your desktop, then attach to an email message

Q. I've noticed that the PDF "appears" to upload, but when viewed in PDF Uploads I notice it is a  "zero byte file", (an empty file)

A. When uploading a PDF from Dropbox (or any on-line repository) ensure you save the file locally (drag it to your desktop) before uploading to MinuteBox