Quick Guide to Filters - Display Only Your Entities

Step One - use "Tags" to find city-specific entities

🙋 What are Tags? 
During the import process Tags are automatically generated and applied to your Entities. The Tags identify which Entities belong to which city. For example; Entities imported from the Montreal office are tagged import-[nameoflegacyplatform]-montreal, those from Toronto import-[nameoflegacyplatform]-toronto etc (ie - import-enact-montreal).

Important note: If your entities are not "tagged" by city, use Steps two and Three to filter your entity list

Notes: In Step One we'll create a filter to display Entities specific to your city. In Step Two we will further filter the list to show only those Entities for which you are responsible and in Step Three we will save your new filter

Step One - create the Filter

  1. From the Dashboard, click Filter, then + Add a new filter
  2. Click anywhere on the words Entity Name and choose Tags from the drop-down options provided
  3. Click anywhere in the blue-bordered box and choose the appropriate city from the drop-down options provided; e.g, import-enact-montreal = Montreal office Entities or import-enact-toronto = Toronto office Entities
    A list of the entities for the city you clicked above is displayed
  4. ☝️ Tip!
    Column headings can be rearranged by clicking and dragging to a new location. In the example below the Tags column was dragged to a new location adjacent to the Entity Group. Hover over the word import to view city information

Step Two - "Filter" the List to Show the Entities for Which you are Responsible

In this step we will add another rule to our filter to show only those Entities for which you are responsible

  1. Click the Filter button
    1. Click Add another rule to this filter
    2. From the new ...and where line which has appeared, click anywhere in the words Entity Name and choose Responsible from the drop-down options provided. In the has any of field type the first couple of characters of your last name

      ☝️ Tip!
      It is recommended that you type your last name (or the first few characters of your last name) in this field to ensure only your entities are displayed. This will help filter out your entities from those of other responsible people with similar names.

      A list of only your entities are displayed

Step Three - Save Your Filter

  1. Click Filter, then click Save Filter. The new filter appears in the left-hand panel
  2. Click anywhere on the words New Filter and type a meaningful name
    Done! Simply click this filter to display a list of the entities in your city for which you are responsible