How To: Quickly Amalgamate Entities in MinuteBox

An Amalgamation is a process by which two or more entities the "amalgamating entities," merge and carry on as one corporation - the "amalgamated entity". Amalgamations may either be Long Form Amalgamations or Short Form Amalgamations (and others based on specific jurisdictions).These typically dictate the way that the transaction is taking place and what steps need to be taken. Here is a helpful resource for further details.

A great way to learn the MinuteBox Platform is to follow these steps below as they take advantage of so many of the most powerful parts of the system.

The following steps are required to create a New Entity by amalgamating two existing (Pre-Amalgamated) Entities:

  • Create of a New Entity
  • Use of MinuteBox Constating Events to perform (and record) the Amalgamation(s)
  • Use of MinuteBox Automations to retrieve data from the pre-amalgamated Entities into the newly created company

Creating a New Entity

The New Entity may be created manually, but we will use MinuteBox Automations to create the Entity and apply the Constating Events in a one-stop process

  1. From the MinuteBox dashboard, click Create New Entity located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Press ctrl+i (to initiate the Automation process). A list of automations appears
    1. Type set up newco. The list filters to display applicable matches
  3. Double-click Amalgamation > Set up NewCo. The following screen appears - complete as follows to enter the information for the New company
    1. Select the appropriate date; e.g., the date of amalgamation
    2. Type the name of your New Entity
    3. Select (or type) the Jurisdiction from the drop-down list provided
    4. Select the Entity Type from the drop-down list provided
    5. Select the Governing Statute from the drop-down
  4. Scroll down to enter the existing (pre-amalgamation) Entity information in the fields provided
    1. Select the appropriate date, see 3a above
    2. Select the Jurisdiction
    3. Select the Statute
    4. Type the name of one of the Existing Entities to be amalgamated into your new New Entity
    5. Edit the Description to provide appropriate details; e.g., Amalgamation to form (New Entity Name) 
    6. Repeat for the second pre-amalgamation Entity - type the name of this Entity in the field provided 
  5. Optional - You may want to create an Entity Group in order to create a Filter to help locate amalgamated Entities from the Dashboard - Type a meaningful name in the Entity Group field 
  6. Click Ok 

The new Entity is created with Amalgamation information applied

Scroll to the top of the Entity Information Summary to view the Summary information - which now reflects the amalgamation information

Scroll down to the Constating Events Section -  the amalgamation information is reflected here

Retrieving Data from Pre-Amalgamated Entities to the New Corporation

  1. From the newly created Entity, press ctrl+i to display a list of ActionsA list of automations display
    1. Type the word data. The list filters to display Actions containing the word data
    2. Click Automation > Copy Data from another Entity
    3. Click Ok
  2. The following modal window displays - choose the data categories to be retrieved from the pre-amalgamation Entities; e.g., Directors, Officers, Addresses etc.
    1. Select the applicable date; e.g., the date of amalgamation
    2. Select the first data Category to be retrieved from the Pre-Amalgamated Entity (in the example below, Directors)
    3. Type the name of the Pre-Amalgamation Entity
    4. Click Ok⚠️  Tip - Share capital cannot be retrieved using this Action, please see below for details on importing Share Capital from Pre-amalgamated Entities 
  3. To add Officers, click the copy button
  4. A second Copy from Entity section appears, see below
    1. Click the drop-down to select the next data category to be imported into the new Entity
  5. Repeat to choose all data categories to be imported into the New Entity
  6. Click Go in each section
  7. Click Ok. The following screen displays
  8. Clean up the data before migrating into the new Entity
    1. Make any applicable changes to the date
    2. Remove any fields not required; e.g., Ceased - hover over the field, click the x which appears at the right-hand side of the field
  9. Click Ok when done

Directors and Officers are added to the new Entity

Retrieving Capital from Pre-Amalgamated Entities to the New Corporation

  1. Open the New Entity
  2. Press ctrl+i to display a list of Automations
    1. Type author
    2. Click Automation > Copy Authorized Capital from another Entity
    3. Click Ok 
  3. The following screen displays
    1. Select the applicable date (the date of amalgamation, for example)
    2. Type the name of the Pre-Amalgamation Entity from which you are retrieving the Authorized Capital
    3. Click Go

      A screen similar to the following displays - As before, clean up the data before final migrationSelect the appropriate date in the Date field provided 
      Delete any Capital not applicable to the New Entity -  hover over the capital to be deleted and click the X at the top right of the screen
  4. Click Ok. The capital is copied to the New Entity