Creating Transaction Wizards

Why Create a Transaction Wizard

Transaction Wizards are used to automate any repetitive data entry in the Entity Information Summary

Some Examples are:

  • New Ontario Entities (the example we will outline below)
  • Authorization of Share Capital (particularly useful when you have multiple share classes which you use for many of your Entities)
  • Adding Mailing and/or Registered addresses for an Entity
  • Adding the same Directors or Officers to multiple Entities

Creating the Transaction Wizard

This wizard will create a New Ontario Entity

  1. From the MinuteBox dashboard, navigate to Precedents - click Every Precedent. The Precedents list is displayed

  2. Click the + in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and choose Add New Transaction

  1. Name the Transaction Wizard, when the following screen displays, click Event. The Event panel opens on the right-hand side of the screen 

  1. Type a meaningful name for your new transaction

☝️  Tip! It is recommended you adopt a naming convention which includes the word Wizard - see example below. This allows you to quickly locate and differentiate your transaction wizards from your precedents

☝️  NOTE: our New ON Template will include the following fields:

  • Entity Name
  • Entity Group
  • Entity Type
  • Jurisdiction
  • Governing Statute
  • Matter Number
  • Fiscal Year End
  1. Add the Entity Name field to the Transaction Wizard
    1. Click Actions
    1. In the Actions field type Entity Name. A list of actions are displayed (the Actions match those used in the data entry screen of the Entity Information Summary)
    2. Click Entity Name from the Actions displayed
      The Entity Name field is added to your Transaction
  2. Add the Entity Group field
    1. In the Actions field type entity group (or entity followed by the first few letters of the word group, see below)
    2. Click Entity Group
      The Entity Group field is added to your transaction 

  3. Add the Entity Type
    1. Type Entity Type in the Actions field
    2. Click Entity Type in the list of actions

      The Entity Type is added to your transaction
  4. Add the Jurisdiction field
    1. Type the word jurisdiction in the Actions field
    2. Scroll down to locate then click on Jurisdiction in the list of actions

      The Jurisdiction field is added to your Transaction

  5. Repeat the same steps to add Governing Statute, Matter Number and the Fiscal Year End fields. Your wizard will look like this
  6. Type Ontario in the Jurisdiction field and OBCA in the Governing Statute field
  1. Click each Pending button - this is a toggle switch - once clicked the button reads Completed

Using Your New Transaction Wizard to Create an Ontario Entity

  1. Go to the MinuteBox Dashboard and click Every Entity
  2. Click Add New Entity. The new Entity data entry screen appears
  3. From the toolbar, click Insert, then choose Insert from Transaction Wizard...
  4. In the Add Precedent modal window type the name of your Transaction Wizard in the in search field
  5. Locate and double-click the name of the wizard you created above
  6. Complete the Transaction Wizard as follows
    Note: Jurisdiction and Governing Statute fields automatically complete
    1. In the Entity Name field, type the name of your Entity
    2. The Jurisdiction and Governing Statute fields complete automatically
    3. Type the Entity Group (or select from the drop-down list in the field provided)
    4. Optional - if a field is not required in an Entity you are creating, click the x if the field is not required for the Entity you are creating (the x is available for all the fields displayed in your Wizard, simply hover over the field to display)
    5. Type the Matter Number in the field provided
    6. Select the Month then type the day of the month on which the Fiscal Year End falls
    7. Click Ok 
      Your newly created Ontario Entity appears on screen

Transaction Wizard Tips

Note: when using a Transaction Wizard fields or Sections of the Wizard may be removed or duplicated without affecting the underlying template. 

Scenario One: You have built a transaction wizard to populate Director data as many of your Entities have the same three Directors. A new Entity you are creating has only two of the three Directors you have included in your Wizard. 
Follow the steps below to temporarily delete a Director from your Transaction Wizard (the original Wizard remains intact)

  1. With the Wizard displayed on screen locate and navigate to the Director who you do not want to add to your Entity
    1. Hover over the darker grey area. Five tool icons appear at the right-hand side of the modal window
  2. Click the X. The Director's data disappears
  3. The Director's Wizard (temporarily) contains the two remaining Entities.
    Complete the applicable fields, click Ok.
    The two Directors are added to your Entity

Scenario Two: The new Entity you are creating has four directors including the three in your transaction Wizard

  1. Navigate to the last Director in your wizard, hover over the dark grey area
  2. When the tool icons displays, click the copy icon. The data is duplicated, see below
  3. Add your fourth director
    1. Click the Name field and type the fourth (additional) Director's Name
    2. Click the Person icon to add (optional) contact details for your Director
  4. Click Ok to save. The four Directors are added to your Entity but the underlying transaction wizard contains only the three original Directors