Electronic Filing

Please note the NUANS search is the first electronic filing available. Please monitor the list below for updates on available filings

As of April 2022, the following electronic filings are available:

  • Name Search - NUANS
  • Incorporation
  1. From the left-hand panel
    1. Click Filings & Compliance. The Electronic Filing option is automatically selected
    2. Click + situated above the list of filings. The choose a filing modal window opens
  2. From the list displayed, double-click the filing you want to run - in our example we will perform a Name Search. The Electronic Filings list re-displays 

  3. Your new filing is now listed in Draft status at end of the Electronic Filings list. Double-click anywhere in this line to continue. The Name Search details window opens 
  4. Complete the form, then click Submit. A Confirm Details window opens 
  5. Verify the request details, then click Confirm

  6. Click Confirm and Pay when the Billing Summary window displays
  7. Click Next when the Payment Success window displays
  8. The Processing Filing window displays. ☝️NOTE: You may click Close as soon as this screen displays
  9. The following screen (with the Reservation Number) displays.
    Click the arrow on the left side of the screen to return to the Electronic Filing list
  10. Your filing Status has changed to Completed
  11. Click the Eye icon to view the PDFs of your filings. The icon to the right of the eye allows you to save your filling results to the Minute Book