November 2021 Release Notes

November 1, 2021Mapping Updates:

Alternate Name - New field and mapping

Authorized to Instruct 

  • Add Description
  • Add Start/End Date

Book Locations

  • ItemCode / Details
  • Number of Items
  • TakenBy

Business Numbers

  • Fix for CRA and other business numbers which now correctly import to MinuteBox Business Numbers (from Registration and Taxes)

Constating Events

  • Amalgamated entities now appear
  • New field for Act
  • New field for Jurisdiction

Corporation Number - fixes where an entity is extra-provincially registered

Entity Types

  • Support for Non-Profit - Limited by Guarantee entities from EnAct
  • Support for Non-Profit - Limited by Shares entities from EnAct


  • Audit Exemption
  • Casting Vote support for Memberships
  • Fix for Director Casting Vote
  • Fix for Shareholder Casting Vote

Governing Documents

  • Add By-Law and Diversity Governing Documents
  • Fixes for Shareholders Agreement showing by default in all cases
  • Support for Partnership Agreement mapping in from EnAct


  • Capitalize Membership Class
  • Mapping of Number of Votes into Description/Details on MinuteBox
  • New auto-calculating Status field
  • Updated mapping of membership transfers (now shows in Details)

Service Providers

  • Additional mapping support for Service Providers from EnAct including support for external auditors / branch

Share Capital

  • Dissolution Rank (Hide Value)
  • Ensure Authorized Amount is accurate (should not show unlimited when not unlimited)
  • Ensure Right to Purchase is mapped in
  • Fix bug preventing prefix from displaying in all cases
  • Fix why Comments do not display on imported capital/entities AND ensure we are importing Comments
  • Proper support for Subject to an Endorsement
  • Support for Reduction (RSC) and Addition (ASC) to Stated Capital

Tasks Mapping (Services & Annual Matters Tables)