Name Changes at Shareholder Level

Changing the Entity Name at the Shareholder Level

  1. Go to the Shareholder Capital section of your Entity to view a list of All Transactions
    In our example we will change 2741992 Ontario to reflect the Entity's new name - FBN Corporation.
    See the original Entity name in the All Transactions list below

  1. Click the By Class tab. The transactions are displayed by class 
  2. Click the ellipses (...) to the left of the Entity's old name and choose Cancel from the drop-down options provided. The Cancel Shares dialogue box displays
  3. Complete the Cancel Shares dialogue box as follows:
    1. In the Reason field, type Name change to "Entity's New Name"
    2. Select the Date from the Date Picker (alternately type a date in the following format yyyy-mm-dd)
    3. In the Holder field, type the Entity's old name
    4. Click the small numbered button at the lower right edge of the Amount field to select the shares which were issued under the old Entity name
    5. Click Ok to save your changes
  4. Issue the shares with the new Entity as shareholder - click the ellipses (...) to the right of the applicable share class and choose Issue from the drop-down options provided. The Issue Shares dialogue box displays
  5. Complete the Issue Shares dialogue box as follows:
    1. In the Reason field, type Name change from 2741992 Ontario
    2. Select the Date from the date picker
    3. In the Recipient field, select the new Entity name
    4. Type the number of shares from 4 d. above (in this example 5,000)
    5. Type Change of name from "old Entity name" to "New Entity Name" in the Ledger Note field (see specific example below)
    6. Click Ok to save
  6. To view changes, click the All Transactions tab (Hover over the red and green type fields to see full details
  7. To view this information in the Ledgers & Registers:

    Click Shareholder Ledgers - a screen similar to the following appears: