Working With Snapshots

Snapshots are created when a data import takes place. Imports may overwrite or update an Entity, thus a snapshot in time is taken immediately before an import occurs. You will see a snapshot when you update a newly imported Entity.

What to do when you encounter a Snapshot

When displaying data where a snapshot has taken place, the following screen displays:

  1. Note: multiple snapshots may appear. Scroll to the most recent snapshot
    1. Click Copy. The data appears in the yellow banded box below
    2. Click Ok to save the data 
      Note: should you want to remove the Snapshot, click on the small floating X appears at the top right-hand side of the snapshot window AFTER you have clicked on the Copy button to open the snapshot information. This will remove the Snapshot text (1st image above) and leave the field information (2nd image above). It is recommended that the Snapshot is only removed by Advanced users.