Changing an Entity Name

  1. Open the Entity. Navigate to the Entity Information section. In the Entity Name field, select the old name and type the Entity's new name.

☝️ TIp: To see the changes, hover over the "clock" icon directly to the right of the Entity Name label.

  1. Scroll down to the Constating Events, and click AddThe Add a constating event window opens.

  1. Complete the constating event dialogue box as follows:
    1. Type an Event Name in the field provided; e.g, Change of name from (old entity name)
    2. Click Date and choose the date the name changed from the calendar pop-up
    3. Type a Description in the field provided; e.g., Pursuant to Articles of Amendment

Click OK.

The name change event is recorded, as follows:

☝️ Note: Providing the following Business Name information allows you to search for your Entity by both the old and new name.

  1. Edit the Business Name to reflect the Entity Name change - scroll down to the Business Names section and click Add.
  2. In the Name field, type the old Entity name.
    In the Type field, type a description; e.g., Former Name
    In the Expiry field type the date the old name is no longer in use
    Use End Date - to stop using the old name before the actual expiry date
    Click OK.

☝️  Note: scroll up to the top of your Entity Information Summary - your name change is reflected there.

Searching for your Entity

In order to search for your entity by old or new name, perform the following steps

  1. Go to the Dashboard, click the Search field and type the old Entity name (or the first few characters of the old name). The entity will display.