Minute Book - Deleting pages and PDF Uploads

Deleting Pages From a Minute Book

From time to time you may find a need to delete certain pages from the Minute Book. 

To delete pages:

  1. Click the three vertical dots on the left-hand side of the Minute Book page you want to delete and choose Delete

  1. Clicking Delete will show you the image below warning that "This action will delete the current page. This cannot be undone."  Click Confirm Delete

PDF Uploads - "Audit Trail"

To view a record of deleted PDFs or to download a copy of the original PDF after deletion:

  1. From within an Entity navigate to the Documents Section
  2. Click PDF Uploads

A list of all PDFs uploaded to MinuteBox is displayed in the PDF Uploads section.

☝️ Notes
If the PDF has been modified or deleted, a yellow (indicating a change to the PDF) or red (PDF deleted) circle appears in the Sections column.

Also listed here:

  • The name of the PDF which was originally uploaded to MinuteBox
  • The Sections of the Minute Book where the pages were added
  • Date the PDF was uploaded, by whom and the size

☝️ Tips! Click the "eye" icon in the View column to display and download a copy of the PDF as it was originally uploaded. 
It is highly recommended you add a note to the Minute Book section before deleting a page to advise other Users of why a page or section was deleted. Reasons for deletion may include duplicate pages, upload error, upload to the wrong Minute Book.

Note: PDFs listed here cannot be removed from this list. The purpose of this list is for reference only