Two-Factor Authentication Setup

⚠️ Caution! It is extremely important that you logout then log back into MinuteBox when prompted during Multi-Factor authentication setup (see step 6 below)

  1. Click the Ellipses (...) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then click Settings. The Settings options appear in the left-hand panel of your screen 
  2. From the left-hand panel, click Security. The Security options display on-screen

  3. The following screen displays. Download one of the authenticators mentioned below to your phone and click Next

  4. Simply follow the instructions on screen - scanning the QR code (or barcode) displayed on your phone's screen when you are prompted. An authentication number appears on-screen
  5. When MinuteBox prompts you to verify, type the six-digit authentication number displayed on your phone's screen. The following screen displays
  6. Click Sign Out then sign back into MinuteBox to complete the setup

Subsequent Logins to MinuteBox

  1. When logging into MinuteBox after Two Factor Authentication has been enabled a blue Verify button appears during the login process
  2. Open the authenticator app on your phone
  3. To complete the login process type the six-digit number displayed into the Verify field

☝️ Note: if you experience any difficulty authenticating please contact