Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands

Keyboard Shortcuts

At MinuteBox, we believe strongly in making our platform as beautiful, intuitive, and fun to use as it is powerful and secure. Ultimately, the easier and faster a user can navigate to the proper place on MinuteBox to review/work on an entity, the better.

We've built keyboard shortcuts into MinuteBox in a big way. Check out this quick overview video (with more information below):

Here's a closer look. Pressing Shift - ? will bring up the keyboard shortcut overview for the particular page you are on.

Go To Shortcut

Our most used shortcut is the G (Go To) shortcut which can be accessed just about anywhere on the platform. Just press "G" then the corresponding letter for the area of the platform you would like to navigate to. For instance, typing G then C will bring you to the Calendar. Typing G and then L will bring you to the Entity List.

To quickly change the language from English to French, type G then V. You can revert to the previous language using the same command.

Moving between entities:

shift . Allows you to move into next entity

shift ,  Allows you to move to previous entity

Other Shortcuts

Mac                        PC                        Action

CMD + Z (Mac)       CTRL + Z (PC).   Undo last action

CMD+shift+C          CTRL+shift+C     Open Console

CMD+shift+E                                      Export file

Slash Command

The other most commonly used shortcut is the Slash Command (the  / key) which will toggle the quick select in document generation:

The Slash Command (the / key) will also toggle the quick select within transactions as well: