Customizing Your Style Template

Customizing Your Style Template 

Changes to your template need to be made within the Word template. Make your changes, save the document and drag into Account > Document Styles.

Set all your styles (including colour) in the Word document and you will see the correct colours and styles when you export the MinuteBox document to Word.  

A standard Word template in Arial 11 is available from our Customer Success Team at your request.

Numbering & Bulleted Lists

In order to update, there is one more step within Word. 

Go to Modify Style and select Numbering. You will see the following:

Go to Format. Go to Style.

Choose how you want to display your bulleted list. You may also have a part of the bulleted list that indents but does not show the bullet/symbol.

Numbered Paragraphs

How numbered paragraphs look when exported to Word based on template (note the blue numbers to the far left).

*Numbered paragraphs are not meant to promote/demote. Only numbered lists and bulleted lists promote/demote by tab.

Bulleted Sections

*The first level bullet has no symbol/bullet. Demoting/promoting will add or remove bullets

Title is constrained to the template regardless of length across the page.

In the formatting template, you can set all margins, colours, footers and more.

Signature Block

Signature block could be set to inherit 5th level bullet including bounding box by using the Frame piece.


The table format can be modified by editing your Word template and reuploading the template to your account. You may also customize the table upon export. Each table will appear on it’s own page and is fully editable.

Default MinuteBox style when exporting Directors Register

Table Style Templates

The default style template for tables in Word

Change the table through the Modify Style setting.