Creating Persons (People)

Creating Persons (People)

MinuteBox refers to all people, or companies, as Persons.

Available Persons View Fields

The following fields are available via the People View:

Field Name More Detail
Name Person name (Individual or Company)
Type Person type (Entity, Reference, or User)
Email Email address associated with the person
Phone Phone numbers associated with the person
Address Addresses associated with the person
Roles The person's role (Officer, Shareholder, Director, etc.) across all referenced entities
Affiliations The person's affiliations to other entities and roles
Entities The entities that the person is connected with

Entering Persons

The system automatically suggests you bolded entities already referenced in the system. You can also add any other person.

Existing persons merge automatically.

If you have multiples of the same person, check to ensure it is the correct person. You can create a new person if the existing Persons are not correct.

Start typing the name of the Person. If the first John Smith is not the right person, keep typing to create a new John Smith to clearly set out a second person. If you do not keep typing the name, the persons will merge.

If you realize after that they are the same person, you can go back into persons, search for John Smith. You will see both names. (Use filter to reduce fields shown). Select both and click Merge to merge the two records into one person.

If you do this in error, you can press the unlink button to separate the two people. In some cases, you may also need to link or unlink a person who uses a different version of their name such as John A. Smith.

Use the arrow beside the name to drop down the additional information field. This is where you can add details like title (type of address), address, and more info. 

You may also add a Persons Birth date as it is required for the significant control register.

Residency: The address automatically knows which country you are in. For Residency, you may need to select the country to make the flag appear.