The Capital Section of the Entity Information Summary contains all of the ownership related data belonging to the entity. The Capital Section is used to track equity, options, restricted grants, convertible interests and other types of authorized share capital.

The first two components of the Capital Section are unlike any other components in the Entity Information Summary in the way they display and allow you to interact with your entity data.

The two main Capital components are:

  • Authorized Capital
  • Capital Holders

Authorized Capital

The Authorized Capital Component stores and manages all authorized capital for the entity. Before issuing shares or adding capital holders (shareholders), you must first authorize the corresponding type of share capital. 

For each authorization, you are adding a type(s) of share capital that will affect the overall capital of the entity.

Each entry in the Authorized Capital component references:

  • Date
  • Type (the focus of this section will be on Equity)
  • Classification
  • Series
  • Prefix
  • Quantum Authorized
  • Additional Properties
  • Ledger Note

You can now add multi line notes in Comments under Authorize Share Capital such as “no certificate issued - issued by request”. These Comments do not show up on your ledgers.

MinuteBox also allows you to track options, debt instruments, warrants etc:

Notice when changing to one of these other types, the fields will automatically change in the “Additional Properties” of the Authorize Share Capital modal:

Capital Holders

The Capital Section is also used to track those that hold significant control of the entity. These two components are:

  • Significant Control (Transparency Register)
  • Steps Taken to ascertain significant control

By Person Tab

The By Person (image above) displays Holder Name, Class and type of shares, amount of shares, and denomination (ie. US or CA). You can click on the blue ledgers to bring up the shareholders individual ledger including share history.

By Class Tab

The By Class tab shows the Class of shares along with all shareholders in each class and the amount of each shareholders’ shares.

All Transactions Tab

All Transactions shows information in the following format:

Dated          Date of transaction

Type            Type of transaction (Authorize, Issue)

Person.        Shareholder

Amount.       Amount of share issued plus denomination

Asset.          Type of Share

⋯View and Edit Capital

Certificates Tab

Certificates show each Class along with the Certificate Number, Date, Transaction, Person, Certificate Type and Amount giving you a thorough overview of Capital Holders.

Adding Prefixes to Share Capital

MinuteBox now offers the ability to add custom prefixes to share certificate numbering.

  • add the dash to the prefix, it will show up as C-1
  • modify prefix by putting {#}C, it will now show as 1C
  • modify C-----{#} UNCERTIFICATED to get C-----1 UNCERTIFICATED