Entity Information Summary

Entity Information Summary (EIS)

The Entity Information Summary is where you will find all data related to a specific Entity. 


The Summary section provides an overview of the Entity including the number of Directors and Officers, the province/territory/state, and the type of entity.

Understanding Components

All entity data is stored in a “component”. 

A “component” is like a block of information about an entity. Components are made up of fields of the following types:

  • Date picker
  • Jurisdiction picker
  • Simple text input
  • Person lookup
  • Dropdown field

Some components may be edited directly in the Entity Information Summary (like Client Information and Entity Information). 

Some components require you to open a “modal” to work with (like the Address, Other Dates, or Directors):

Client Information

The Client Information Section provides an overview of basic client information in a simple component containing:

  • Client Name
  • Entity Status
  • Matter Number
  • Accounting Number; and 
  • Client Standing

The Client Information Section also includes a modal component to designate the person or persons that are authorized to instruct on that particular entity.

  • Authorized to Instruct
    • Person