Precedent View

Precedents View

The data displayed on the Precedents View is a summation of all the precedents in your account. This includes Documents, Packages, Forms and Transactions.

Available Precedents View Fields

While we will cover how to work with Precedents in a future chapter, the Precedents View allows you to display all or some of the following fields:

  1. Title
  2. Modified
  3. Created
  4. Word count
  5. Character count
  6. Document count
  7. Created by
  8. Precedent Type (Document, Package or Form)
  9. Usage count

Like the rest of the Dashboard, the way the Precedent View is displayed, filtered, and ordered is completely unique to you. To reorder the view, simply drag the Columns left or right into the desired order.

ℹ️ Tip! Keep documents, packages, and forms organized by using the various features available via the Toolbar and Sidebar.