The Sidebar: Persons View

Persons View

Clicking on Persons in the Sidebar will allow you to view all Persons in your MinuteBox Application. The data displayed on the Persons View is a summation of all the Persons data across your entire account – including entities, references and users.

The following fields are available via the Persons View:

Field Name More Detail
Name Person name (Individual or Company)
Type Person type (Entity, Reference, or User)
Email Email address associated with the person
Phone Phone numbers associated with the person
Address Addresses associated with the person
Roles The person's role (Officer, Shareholder, Director, etc) across all referenced entities
Affiliations The person's affiliations to other entities and roles
Entities The entities that the person relates to

Like the rest of the Dashboard, the way the People View is displayed, filtered, and ordered is completely unique to you.

Defining "People" and "Persons"

In MinuteBox, we define "People" and "Persons" as including any legal person. A legal person may either be an individual or a legal entity (like a Corporation, etc.).

Persons Types

MinuteBox groups Persons into three possible Persons Types. Once merged, Persons may have one or all three of these types.

MinuteBox category Person type
Entity An entity is an Entity that is being managed on MinuteBox.
Reference A reference is a Person referenced in an Entity managed on MinuteBox.
User A user is a Person that has user access to your MinuteBox account.

Merging Persons

MinuteBox does not always automatically merge Persons. This is meant to protect against errors that can arise for similar or same names that are, in fact, different Persons. While the Database (specifically the Entity Information Summary) will provide helpful recommendations when entering data, it will automatically merge Persons records if you explicitly choose an existing person record. To avoid picking the wrong person, ensure you check for data familiar to you about the person to help ascertain their identity, such as their phone number, email or address. 

Merging, when needed, is simple. Select the rows to merge by clicking the checkbox next to the person names you wish to merge and click "Merge". You will now see each of these entries combined as one master record for that Person.