Calendar View

Calendar View

The Calendar View is the summary of all dates residing in your account that are accessible based on your permission level. If a date is referenced in your entity data, it is available in the Calendar View.

Available Dates to Track

Extra-Jurisdictional Registrations Business Name Incorporation Date Responsible
Regulatory Licenses Trademarks Patents Land Registrations
Municipal Business Licenses PPSA Registrations Domain Names Directors (date elected, etc)
Officers (date elected, etc) Capital Governing Documents Fiscal Year End
Imports Sharing Notes Plus, Custom Dates

Customizing the Calendar View

The data displayed on the Calendar View is a summation of all the calendar data available for each of your entities. The way the Calendar View is displayed, filtered, and ordered is completely unique to you.

The Right Panel in Calendar View

The Right Panel of the Calendar View is meant to give you a handy scroll view of the same data that appears for the rest of the Workspace. The Right Panel will automatically update as you hide or show calendar fields or filter fields. 

🎓 Use the power of filters, hidden fields and sorting to turn the Right Panel into a handy "tickler" system for dates and reminders.