Creating a Filter to Find all Instances of an Entity Name

Creating an Entity Group

Entity Groups are used to help classify your Entities. This feature may be used to categorize Entities with similar names; e.g., Ace Alice Inc. or AceAlice Inc. or Ace-Alice inc., or to group all Entities which belong under an umbrella Corporation

  1. From the Dashboard search for your entities with similar names
    1. Click the Search box at the upper right-hand side of the screen and type the first couple of characters of your Entity name; e.g., typing Ace would find Ace AliceAceAlice, or Ace-AliceA list of matching Entities displays on screen:

  2. Double-click the first entity in this list. The Entity Information Summary opens - scroll down to the Entity Information section
  3. Locate the Entity Group field and type a name for your Entity Group. This is a free-form field, provide a meaningful name

    once you have typed an Entity Group name it is automatically saved allowing for easy re-use for the other entities in your list

    ☝️ Tip! 
    You can quickly jump to the next Entity in your list by pressing 
    Shift and. (period). (Pressing Shift and, (comma) moves to the prior entity in your search list)

  4. Jump to your next Entity by pressing Shift and .
  5. Scroll down to the Entity Information section
  6. Locate the Entity Group field and type the first few characters of the Entity Group name you typed in #3 above.
    Entity Group name matching the characters you have typed appear in a drop-down list
  7. Click the Entity Group name you created in #3 above
  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 to apply the Entity Group name to each Entity in your search list

Creating an Entity Group Filter

Now we'll use the Entity Group name we created above to build a filter to display all your Entities with similar names

  1. From the Dashboard click the Filter button - see below
  2. Click the first drop-down arrow and choose Entity Group
  3. Type the name (or first couple of characters) of the Entity Group Name you created above in the starts with field
  4. Click Save Filter...

    Your New Filter appears in the left-hand panel of the Dashboard
  5. Type a new meaningful name for your filter in the field provided.

    Click this filter to display all the Entities you "flagged" with the Entity Group name

    All Entities "flagged" with that Entity Group are displayed

☝️Tip! This filter is dynamic - new Entities with the same Entity Group name added to the Entity Information Summary are automatically added to the list