Editing a Share Prefix

Editing Share Prefixes

Did you know you can display your share prefix as CA1 rather than CA-1? Read on!

To edit how your share prefix displays, use the following steps:

  1. Open your Entity and scroll down to the Capital section, click Add to the right of Authorized Capital. The Authorize Share Capital window opens.
  2. Complete the fields as follows:
    1. Date - select the date the capital was authorized
    2. Type - choose the Capital type (usually Equity)
    3. Classification - select from the drop-down list provided (or type your own customized classification)
    4. Prefix - type your prefix, in keeping with example above, type CA{#}. 

    Note: {#} removes the - (dash), typing CA in the Prefix field results in CA-1, CA-2, CA-3 etc.

    1.  Click OK to save your newly authorized capital with CA1, CA2, CA3 prefixes without the - dash.