Share Class Amendments - Editing the Share Prefix

In this example we will change the Share Prefix from C (Common) to CAC ( Class A Common)

  1. Click the ellipsis (...) to the right of the share class you would like to amend and choose Amend from the drop-down menu displayed  
  2. Click the date on which the shares will be amended

    Note: you may either click the appropriate date on the calendar provided, or click Today if the amendment occurs today
  3. Click the Classification field and from the options provided click the new share class (in our example, Class A Common)
    Important Note: Initially the following classifications appear in the drop-down list - Common, Preferred and Special. Simply type Class A Common (or any other share class required) into the Classification field
  1. Click the Prefix field and type your new share class prefix
  2. Complete any other fields you would like to add to your new share class, click OK when done
  3. To view your amendment, click the All Transactions tab - the new prefix appears in the small green box