Creating a Document Package


Packages allow you to bundle together multiple Precedent documents – whether they be individual documents, PDFs or even other packages.

Create a new Precedent

A Precedent is a blank document which you can immediately start using. Packages allow you to add additional content to your Precedent

To create a Package, add an existing document (or even another package!), upload a pdf or paste some text from a Word document

  1. Click Add, select Add Document or Package....A list of Precedents currently stored in MinuteBox appears
  2. Select a Document or Package from the list of Precedents

The selected document (or precedent) appears at the end of the currently displayed document

Give the package a title

  1. Click Document, then type a meaningful name for your Precedent in the Package Title field

Using the Document Package in an Entity

  1. Open an Entity with which you'd like to use the package -  click Documents from the left-hand panel

  1. Create a new document - click + at the top right-hand side of the screen, then click Add. A list of Precedents/Packages are displayed

  1. Choose the applicable Precedent Package from the list provided

  1. Export your document package
    1. Click Export. The Export dialogue box displays
    2. Click Word
    3. Click Ok to export the document package to your local machine. 
      ☝️Tip! The document package automatically saves in your downloads folder on the c:\ drive. To open, navigate to, and double-click the file. Word opens automatically and the document package displays