Annotating PDFs, Forms, Share Certificates etc

It's super simple to annotate PDFs in MinuteBox. You can use this functionality to upload and annotate  any PDF using your entity data. 

Some common uses include:

  • Create share certificates
  • Complete government forms
  • Create custom minute book tabs

Let's get started

  1. Create a new document or precedent document and click `Add / Upload PDF...`
  2. Select the PDF you would like to upload from your computer
  3. Click on the newly uploaded PDF and you will see a new "Annotate" icon appear:
  4. Annotations may either be a fill-in (text) or a checkmark. A fill-in allows you to enter any database fill-in directly onto the PDF. The checkmark allows you to check selected areas on forms etc
  5. You can now freely annotate any PDF using text or fill-ins.
  6. You may also use the Slash Command to add fill-ins directly into a PDF:
  7. In the example above, we are applying the annotation to a precedent. Applying this precedent to a specific entity will result in the Entity Name (and any other fill-ins) to automatically complete. You can learn more about applying precedents to entities here.