Lesson Three - Maintenance and Management

Lesson Three - Managing your MinuteBox Entities

By now, you've experience what it's like to work with both PDFs and data in MinuteBox. Now we will apply these skills to using MinuteBox to generate brand new documents quickly and effectively. The goal of this lesson is to extend the database to produce new documents, packages and precedents. You will learn to create dynamic reports and take a deeper look at dates, calendars and persons.

To complete this level, you must:

✓ Create a new entity and use the tags "minutebox-academy" and "lesson-three"

✓ Set yourself as "Responsible"

✓ Use the tags "minutebox-academy" and "lesson-three"

✓ Add in all relevant data to a new incorporation

✓ Prepare an Organization Package using the the "Your Firm > Sample Organization Package" Precedent

✓ Generate a Dynamic Report showing the three entities you've created during your three lessons

Lesson Three - Resources

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