Lesson Two - The MinuteBox Entity

The MinuteBox Entity

The goal of this second lesson is to look beyond the minute book and begin to focus on the data component of MinuteBox. A MinuteBox Entity contains the key "source of truth" for all of your entity data.

At this stage in your MinuteBox journey, you will use the Entity Information Summary to both view, edit and securely share your entity data. All of the data that is entered into the Entity Information Summary is immediately available to you and your colleagues to generate Dynamic Reports (Lesson Three), Reminders (Lesson Three) and Document Packages (Lesson Three). As such, it's critical to get a good handle on how to work with the Entity Information Summary as it impacts the rest of the platform.

To complete this level, you must:

✓ Create a new entity and set the following with information of your choosing: (i) client name, (ii) entity name, (iii) matter number, (iv) jurisdiction, (v) incorporation date

✓ Set yourself as "Responsible"

✓ Use the tags "minutebox-academy" and "lesson-two"

✓ Add 2 directors and 2 officers

✓ Authorize & Issue Class A Common Shares to two people

Lesson Two - Resources

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