The Magic Wand

We love MinuteBox for its simplicity and power. It all starts with a completely redefined experience of working with your legacy minute book documents. We've given new thought to every part of the minute book experience, and that starts with The Magic Wand. Using the Magic Wand will have you up and running with new minute book sections in seconds.

Using the Magic Wand

The Magic Wand auto detects sections and MinuteBox Tab Precedents are specifically designed to work with the Magic Wand.

Exercise: Here is an example from our  MinuteBox Precedents Tabs - Ontario Package. Try uploading it to MinuteBox and seeing the Magic Wand in action. Once your new sections have been created, try uploading additional PDFs into MinuteBox.

🎓Feeling adventurous? Create your own tab pages with your own custom branding and save them in your Precedents folder for easy and shared internal access.

Manually add sections

The "Magic Wand" is just one method of creating sections in MinuteBox. You can also very quickly create new sections manually. Even manually, the process is designed to get your PDFs loaded into your MinuteBox entity in seconds or minutes. There is no limit other than your creativity in how you'd like to organize and create sections for your legacy minute book PDFs.

From the image below, you can:

1. Create a new section from the Insert button in the Toolbar  
2. Create a new section from the top right of any individual minute book page  
3. You will see all created sections in your Context View on the right.  
4. ⭐️ Keyboard Shortcut: You can also type "S" on your keyboard to instantly create a new section (read more about MinuteBox Keyboard Shortcuts)

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