Organizing your precedent collection

A well-organized and indexed Precedents section is a secret weapon for MinuteBox power users.

It's very simple to do!

Here's an example of how to get your own Precedents section set up just the way you like it.

Step 1: Create a new precedent

For more information on creating precedents, click here.

Step 2: Give your precedent a title following a strict naming convention

It all starts with proper naming conventions. With every consistently saved precedent title, you are giving you and your colleagues (i) the ability to quickly filter, search and sort precedents and (ii) the ability to quickly apply one or multiple precedents from any of your entities.

We recommend an organization structure for your precedents that looks something like:

Organization / By-Law > By-Law 1 > Federal
Organization / By-Law > By-Law 1 > Ontario
Changes / Resolution (Shareholders) > Change of Province of Registered Office > Federal
Changes / Resolution (Shareholders) > Change of Province of Registered Office > Ontario

You could do the same thing for your clients, for example:

Clients / Ace Alice Inc. > Letter to Municipality (Food License)
Clients / Brad Bass Inc. > Cover Letter to Shareholder Meeting

Whether you follow how we've done it above or come up with your own way, just be consistent.

Step 3: Create filters for your most often used files

A well-named and organized Precedents section allows you to create new filters based on precedents that you often refer to. Much like using filters in the Entity List View to find specific entities, you can do the very same in Precedents. Here's an example of how we manage our own precedent bank at MinuteBox:


Step 4: Start using your precedents!

Open any entity, and head to the Documents section. Create a new document and click "Add". You can add either a (i) new, blank document (creating a 📩package), (ii) add a document or package precedent or (iii) upload a PDF.

In this case, you'll want to choose "Add Document or Package".

Don't see an "Add" button? Follow these steps to add a precedent using the Slash Command.

You can then add the precedent of your choosing:

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