Entity Dashboard

How do I Show or Hide Columns

  • Use the Hide Fields button to display or hide the columns on your Dashboard

☝️ Note: Once fields are hidden the Hide Fields button re-displays with the following message - xx Hidden Fields, (where xx are the number of fields you have chosen to hide)

  1. Click Hide Fields, from the list of column headings displayed, choose those you want visible then click the checkmark directly to the left - deselect those you want to hide

    ☝️Tip! Type the name of the field in Find a Field to navigate quickly through the list

How do I Return to the Dashboard?

To return to the Dashboard from elsewhere in MinuteBox:

  • Use the GoTo keys - press the letter gThe following screen displays. Click the letter l
  • Alternately, lick the logo at the upper left-hand side of the screen

How do I search for an entity?

☝️ Tip! The MinuteBox Search automatically performs a Quick Search (Entity Name, xxxx) - search field reads Search Entity Name. To perform a xb, click the arrow to the right of the Search field and select Full Search

  1. Click the Search bar at the top right-hand side of the screen
  2. Type the first couple of characters of the information you are searching for

Creating Filters - Basic

  1. Click the Filter button in the toolbar
  2. Select the + Add a new filter option
  3. Select the criteria you want to filter by, e.g. Entity Name
  4. Select the limiter to apply to the search, e.g. starts with

Creating Filters - Using the AND Operator

☝️Tip! To create a filter which displays a list of Entity names which start with the letters ac AND where the Jurisdiction is Ontario:

  1. Create your filter as above
  2. Click Add another rule to this filter. Another line appears in your Filter
  3. Click the down-arrow to the right of Entity Name and choose Jurisdiction from the drop-down list of options provided. The filtered entity list is displayed
  4. Optional - click Save Filter... to save your filter for re-use. The New Filter displays in the left-hand panel. Type a meaningful name to Save your filter

Creating Filters - Using the OR Operator

☝️ Tip! To create a filter which displays a list entity names which either start with the letters ac OR the letter br:

  1. Follow the rules for creating a basic filter above
  2. Click Combine with another filter. Another filter box appears, see below
  3. As we want to find Entity Names which start with the letters br, do not make any changes to the drop-down options
  4. Type the first few characters of the second Entity Name for which you are searching
  5. Optional - click Save Filter... to save your filter for re-use. The New Filter displays in the left-hand panel. Type a meaningful name to Save your filter

☝️Tip! The filter updates on-the-fly, click the filter to view new and existing Entities which match your Filter criteria

How do I rename an advanced search filter?

To rename an advanced search for an entity navigate to the Entity Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Filter you wish to rename in the left hand Filter list of the dashboard
  2. Hover your mouse over the Filter, click the ellipses (•••)
  3. Click Rename from the action menu

⚠️ Note: You cannot rename default filters such as the  Every Entity filter

How do I reorder advanced search Filters?

  1. From the Entity Dashboard, locate the Filter you wish to reorder in the Filter list
  2. Hover your mouse over the Filter and click and hold the vertical grip button to the left of the filter name
  3. Drag the filter to reorder it

    ⚠️ Note: You cannot reorder default filters such as the  Every Entity filter

Adding a new entity

From the Entity Dashboard:

  1. Click the + Add New Entity button near the top right of the screen
  2. Complete the entity details in the Add New Entity modal - no details are mandatory

☝️Note: Similar to Google Docs - data entered into an Entity is saved automatically