šŸ‘„ Display Settings

How do I enable dark mode for my account?

From the Settings screen:

  1. Click Display Settings from the menu on the left of the screen
  2. Navigate to the Dark Mode area of the display settings
  3. Toggle the setting to On

ā˜ļø Note: If your operating system supports it, Auto mode will toggle between light and dark mode automatically with your operating system

How do I set the default view when viewing an entity in my account?

This setting allows you to select a specific view when opening an Entity from the Dashboard

From the Settings screen:

  1. Go to Settings - use the MinuteBox quick keys - press g and zero 
  2. Click Display Settings on the left panel
  3. Click the drop-down arrow to the right Default Entity View. A drop-down menu appears 
  4. Click one of the following options
  • Entity Information Summary - opens the Entity Information Summary - displaying all data pertaining to your Entity. This is the default view
  • Book View - opens the Entity's Minute Book
  • Split View - opens a combination of the previous two options - a split-screen displaying both the Minute Book and the Entity Information Summary
  • Audit View - Opens the Entity's audit trail
  • Last View - Automatically presents the same view when switching between Entities. For example, you are viewing the Minute Book in ABC Co. then you switch to XYZ Co., - MinuteBox displays XYZ's Minute Book
  • Last View For Entity - MinuteBox opens the Entity displaying the same view in which you were last working