Account Settings

How do I access MinuteBox settings?

  1. From the Main Dashboard
    1. click the ••• in the top right corner
    2. Select Settings

How do I change the Account name?

From the  Settings screen:

  1. Click Account from the menu on the left of the screen
  2. Enter your desired account name in the Account Name field

How do I Customize the Entity Types in MinuteBox?

☝️ Tip! The sections displayed in your Entity Information Summary are controlled by two settings

Step One - select which sections you want to display in your Entity Settings (instructions to follow)
StepTwo - choose the Entity Type from the Entity Information Summary

  1. Step One  - configure your Entity Settings
    1. Go to Entity Settings - press g (GoTo Key), then click 0 (zero). The settings screen appears
    2. Click Entity Settings in the left-hand panel. The Entity settings screen appears
    3. Click the Entity Type from the list on the left-hand side
    4. Click the Sections to be displayed for that Entity Type from the list on the right-hand side

    ☝️ NOTENone displays the following sections when creating a brand new Entity where the Entity Type has not yet been selected
    •  Summary
    •  Client Information
    •  Governance
    •  Key Dates

  2. Step Two - choose the Entity Type from your Entity Information Summary
    1. Click to display the Entity Type drop-down list
    2. Select the applicable Entity Type from the list 
      The sections you set in Step One above display on screen (and in the left-hand "table-of-contents")

Adjusting the Decimal Place Settings

Decimal place settings can be adjusted in MinuteBox - you may find this helpful when performing Stock splits etc.

  1. Navigate to Settings - press g+0 (zero) - alternately, click the ellipses ( ... ) at the top-right of the main dashboard and choose Settings from the drop-down list provided 
  2. Click Entity Settings in the left-hand panel 
  3. Scroll down to Decimal Settings
  4. Type the number of decimals places in the field provided - a small example indicator appears to the left