👥 Logging In

Anytime you need to access MinuteBox, simply visit app.minutebox.com. If your browser is already logged-in, it will automatically load the app and all the books for you. If not, it will present you with a login screen. Please use the “Sign-in with email option” and enter your email and click “Sign in with Email”. 

You should then receive an email with a login link. This can take up to 30 seconds, but is usually instantaneous. 

You can click on the link directly and it will open in your default browser. 
We strongly recommend using MinuteBox in Google Chrome. If this is not your default browser, simply “Right Click” (or “Control-Click” on a Mac) on the link and select Copy. You can then paste (Control-V on Windows and Command-V on Mac) the login link directly into your browser URL bar and this will log you in.

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