Exporting data from the Dashboard

Using the Tools Menu

☝️ NOTE! The Name Search option in the Tools menu performs a free “pre-search” for a corporate name via Nuans. The same search can be generated at this website

Generate Report - Word Format

☝️ Tip! Be aware that reports include all columns currently displayed on your Dashboard. In order to produce a report listing the correct data, configure your dashboard before generating a report

  1. From your Dashboard  - click Hidden Fields, select and/or de-select the columns you want in your report
  2. Click Tools, click Generate Report from the drop-down menu displayed. The report is automatically created and downloaded in Word format

Generate Report - CSV Format

Unlike the Word report, the CSV option is used when you want to view/edit/download many columns from your Dashboard.
A CSV report creates a spreadsheet which opens in popular programs such as Excel or Google Sheets.

  1. Click Tools, click Generate CSV from the drop-down menu displayed. The report is automatically created and downloaded in CSV format

☝️ Tip! Both the Word and CSV reports are saved in your downloads folder. Navigate to and double-click to open