06 Document Production

While other components of the Entity View like the Entity Information Summary, Minute Book View and Ledgers & Registers (to name a few) display and allow you to edit data, the Documents section allows you to create new documents based on the information contained in your database.

Document Generation unlocks completely new possibilities for how you work with your data. Check out our handy Guides on how some of our users use Documents in their practice.

"No-code" Document Generation

While MinuteBox will never require you to learn or utilize complicated {{ code }} or syntax to create your documents, there are a few initial steps to get set up.

Create a New Document

A Document in MinuteBox is just like a document in Google Docs, Microsoft Office, etc. Text can be added, formatted, deleted and otherwise manipulated to generate the content you are seeking to produce. There are no plugins to install and everything can be done from right within MinuteBox.

Just click "Add New Document" from the Documents section of the Entity View.

πŸŽ“Take a deep dive into working with Documents & Precedents in our knowledge base.

The Toolbar


Add allows you to add new content into your working document. You can add an additional blank document (to create a Package), a document or package (from your Precedents), or adding a new document (as a PDF). You may add a blank document, a precedent or package, or upload a PDF for annotation.


Fill-ins are the most important foundational building block for MinuteBox Documents. Whether you are creating a one-off document, building a precedent, compiling a package, or filling in a form,**fill-ins** provide the link between your data and your document.

There are two ways to work with Fill-Ins:

  1. Fill-In Panel. Fill-ins can be added to your document by clicking the fill-in from the right panel directly onto the document. The Fill-in will be placed where your insertion point or cursor are located in the document. 
  2. Slash (β€œ/”) Command. Discussed in more detail below, the Slash (β€œ/”) Command makes it easy to add fill-ins by simply typing the fill-in you are searching for.
πŸŽ“ Learn about everything you can do with the Slash ("/") Command in our knowledge base .

Available Fill-ins

View the list of available fill-ins here.

Custom Fill-Ins

Custom Fill-Ins provide even more flexibility when it comes to creating and working with documents. The main types of Custom Fill-Ins are:

Custom Fill-in
Date Add a date once and reference it throughout your document. Add a new Slot to create multiple unique dates. Customize the way dates are displayed on the right panel.
Text Add a text string and reference it throughout your document. Add a new Slot to create multiple unique text strings.
Time Add a time once and reference it throughout your document. Add a new Slot to create multiple unique times.

Auto Saving

You will notice there is no save button. MinuteBox is designed to automatically save your document as you work on your changes.

Undo & Redo

You may undo and redo actions as you would in a typical word processor.


You may format your documents in MinuteBox in similar ways as you would in a typical word processor. Text can be made bold, italic, or underlined.


Insert a Dynamic Signature block into your document.

Dynamic Signatures

Documents (and Precedents) in MinuteBox allow you to insert signature blocks that reference the various Persons contained in your database.

Clicking on the newly generation Dynamic Signatures block in your document will bring up Fill-In Options that are discussed above.

πŸŽ“ Looking to get the most out Dynamic Signatures? Check out our knowledge base. 🚧

The Slash (β€œ/”) Command

The Slash (β€œ/”) Command is one of the simplest but most powerful tools in MinuteBox. Simply typing a forward-slash (β€œ/”) as you type brings up a keyboard powered module to quickly access all the tools available in your document – including formatting tools, organizational aspects, and most importantly, data.


Slots are a component of fill-ins. They allow you to attach multiple data sources to the same fill-in type.

In it's simplest form, Slots turn something like:

...the resignation of [Director] and the appointment of [Director]...


...the resignation of [Director 1] and the appointment of [Director 2]...

You can use Slots for any available fill-ins or custom fill-ins.

πŸŽ“ Looking to use the same fill-in for different pieces of data? Check out our knowledge base on working with Slots.


The Document icon brings up various document options. Here, you may add a document title, repeat your document, set an execution date. 

Document title Set a title for your document
Repeat document for Have your document automatically repeat (duplicate) based on any of the following criteria:
  • None
  • Extra-Jurisdictional Registrations
  • Business Names
  • Business Numbers
  • Incorporators
  • Addresses
  • Responsible
  • Authorized to Instruct
  • Service Providers
  • Regulatory Licenses
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Land Registrations
  • Municipal Business Licenses
  • PPSA Registrations
  • Domain Names
  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Capital Shareholders
  • Capital Assets
  • Governing Documents
  • Imports
For example, this feature could be used to generate individual versions of a document for each director or officer to sign.
Execution Date Set a date that will automatically update all references to Date of Execution throughout your document to match the date you select.


MinuteBox provides support for exporting to the following formats:

Export Type Information Level of customization possible after export
PDF Export as a beautifully typeset PDF document None
DOCX Export as a Word document (.docx) and match with your own custom formatting. High 
MD Export as a Markdown file. Learn more about Markdown here. Medium

Creating Precedents

The power of Document Production in MinuteBox may be extended from creating one-off or collections of documents relating to one Entity to entire precedents or packages of precedents. Our Precedent View allows you to create system-wide precedents that can be reused by any Entity.

πŸŽ“ Learn more about working with Precedents in our knowledge base.

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