03 The Dashboard

The Dashboard is comprised of three main sections: (1) The Workspace, (2) The Toolbar, and (3) The Sidebar.

  1. The Workspace is where you will view all of your data.
  2. The Toolbar is where you will interact with all of your data.
  3. The Sidebar is where you will categorize all of your data.

The Workspace

The Workspace is the area of the Dashboard where you will be doing a majority of your work. The MinuteBox Workspace always displays the most recent and accurate data in your system. The Workspace is live and dynamic. It updates automatically and there is never a need to reload the Workspace.

Table or Calendar Layouts

Whether you are in the Entity List View, Calendar List View, Persons View, or Precedents View, the Workspace is one of two layouts: table or calendar.

Both the table and calendar layouts pull data from the same sources. We discuss entity data in much more detail in the Entity View section below.

Quick Editing an Entity from the Workspace

You can edit some data from the Entity List View without needing to leave your Workspace. Right-click (or Control-click) and select "Edit", or hover over the the entity with your mouse and press "E" on your keyboard.

See this related article for more features of the Entity List View.

Quick Sort by Column

You can quickly sort a column in MinuteBox by clicking on the column name. If you're looking for more powerful sorting options, check out Sort Fields.

Re-Ordering Columns

You can easily re-order columns by clicking and dragging a column to the desired spot.

Peek for More Details

Some information on the Entity List View will even show more information by simply hovering your mouse over the field. For example, if you want to see all of the shareholders of a company without clicking to view the entity, simply scroll to the Shareholders column and hover your mouse cursor over the first shareholder.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar provides a set of tools that allow you to work with data in your Workspace.

Powerful filters allow you to pinpoint the exact information you are looking for. Our sorting functionality allows you to quickly sort by any number of data fields. Our export tools allow you to export these records for use outside the system.

The Toolbar in your Dashboard is effectively the same for each View in the Sidebar. You can Filter, Sort, Export Data, and Search anywhere on the Dashboard.

Hide and Show Fields

Quickly hide or show specific data fields. You can select the fields to view on a  per filter basis. In other words, you can choose which fields to display on each filter.

Filter Fields

Filter allows you to instantly filter for entities that match your search criteria. You can even "stack" filters together using "AND" or "OR" operators. From the Dashboard, select Filter.

Once you’ve created the filter, you may give save it and give it a name. Saved filters will permanently stay in the sidebar until you delete them. Saved filters function like dynamic, live reports. They always update as information changes. For example, if you create a saved filter that shows only entities that have a Fiscal Year End in the next 90 days, the group of entities that appear in the filter will dynamically update each day to include new entities that match the filter criteria and remove those that no longer match.

Importantly, the sidebar is unique for each user, meaning you can create as many saved filters are your heart desires without affecting the MinuteBox experience for any of your colleagues. 

By stacking filters, you may filter based on multiple data points. AND or OR may be used as logical operators when stacking filters. For example, you can easily create filter that shows only entities where Jane Smith is responsible AND where its jurisdiction is Ontario OR Quebec.

For more information on renaming and re-ordering filters, see the Sidebar section.

Hidden Fields & Filtering

If you try to create a filter based on a field that is hidden, MinuteBox will alert you by including a crossed-eye icon next to the field name indicating that the field is hidden:

Sort Fields

Sort allows you to instantly sort entities that match a sort criteria. You can even "stack" multiple sorts together to provide primary, secondary and tertiary sort rules. For example, you can sort entities by Entity Name, then by Jurisdiction and then by Days to Fiscal Year End.


MinuteBox ships with a number of tools that makes exporting or finding external information possible.

Name Search

Name Search enables you to do a preliminary Canada-wide search on a specific entity. The search will search available public records and deliver a confirmation of an entity name. 

⚠️ This feature is meant to be used as a preliminary search for convenience. It is not meant to be exhaustive and should not be viewed as a replacement for a comprehensive corporate name search.
Generate Report

Generate Report will create a date and timestamped PDF report of the data that is displayed in your Workspace. The PDF Report is best used for displaying three or four columns of data. If you have more than three or four columns to display, we recommend using Generate CSV.

You may generate a report based on any Search or Filter. A report will simply print the data currently showing in the Workspace. To create a specific report simply create filters that match the data you wish to create a report for and then use the Generate Report feature.

Generate CSV

A separated values (CSV) file is one of the most flexible export formats available. It can be easily imported into Excel, Numbers, or just about any spreadsheet/database program. You can use the Generate CSV tool to export any or all data from MinuteBox based on whatever is currently being displayed from your Workspace. 

Unlike Generate Report, there is no limit to the number of columns you can include in your export.


Search enables instant access to all of the accessible data in your account. Search allows you to find a specific entity (or entities) based on much more than just "Entity Name". You can search across all available data fields available in the Entity Information Summary.

Add New Entity

You can use the Add New Entity button to quickly add a new entity to MinuteBox. 

📔The Add New Entity modal only represents some of the data fields that can be stored for an entity. For more data fields, visit the  Entity Information Summary for that specific entity.

The Sidebar

The Sidebar provides an overview of each available View and any corresponding Filters you have set and remains the same for each View and each view can be toggled open or shut to conserve space. The various filters, order and setup of the Sidebar are designed to be customized by each user and their specific needs. You can choose what to display and how to display it.

Sidebar feature Example video
Collapse / Expand 

Each View may be collapsed or expanded based on your preferences.

Wistia video thumbnail

Saved Filters in the Sidebar can be easily renamed by selecting the ... button and selecting "Rename"



Saved Filters in the Sidebar can be easily re-ordered by hovering and selecting the filter and moving it to the desired area.
Filters can only be re-ordered within the same view. In other words, an Entity List Filter cannot be moved to the Calendar View.


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