02 Getting Started with MinuteBox

What is MinuteBox?

MinuteBox is a modern legal entity management platform designed to manage the entire life cycle of a corporate entity and all other forms of legal entities.

As a modern entity management platform, MinuteBox is broken down into three main elements:

  1. Storage. Access, upload, view, edit and securely share minute books in the cloud from anywhere.
  2. Database. A robust, modern and flexible database that can be accessed throughout the entire platform.
  3. Maintenance. Generate documents, forms and precedents without installing software, learning how to code or ever leaving MinuteBox.

These three elements pervade just about every part of the platform.

The MinuteBox Interface

MinuteBox is comprised of two main sections: The Dashboard and The Entity View.

MinuteBox stores all of the data relating to all of your entities in a modern, flexible, and accessible database. While the home for that data (which is often called metadata) is in the Entity Information Summary, it is accessible from just about anywhere in the system.

  • The Dashboard is where you can see one or all of your entities in high-level detail.
  • The Entity View is where you can view one of your entities in the greatest detail.

The overview below is meant as a general "Getting Started with MinuteBox". For a deeper dive, we have dedicated chapters for both the Dashboard, the Entity View, and much more.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is like accessing your entire minute book collection at once and being able to see into all of your data, across all of your entities. It allows you to filter, view, sort, and search all of your entity data. The Dashboard is where you will do things like:

  • Generate reports
  • Set reminders
  • Consolidate all people and organizations
  • Create global precedents
ℹ️ Chapter  3 - The Dashboard  explores the Dashboard in further detail.

The Entity View

The Entity View is the source for all of the data pertaining to an entity.

While the Dashboard provides a high-level overview of all or some of your available entities, the Entity View allows you to get into significant detail of one entity.

The Entity View is comprised of several sections: (1) Entity Information Summary, (2) Minute Book, (3) Ledgers & Registers, (4) Documents, (5) Transactions, (6) Audit Trail, (7) Ownership Chart, (8) Cap Table.

Each of these sections allow you to interact with an individual Entity in a multitude of ways. 

ℹ️ Chapter  5 - Entity View explores the Entity View in further detail.

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