📑 Working with Document Precedents

An Introduction to Precedents

Note: We recommend you first read the article on Document Creation prior to working with MinuteBox Precedents. While MinuteBox will never require you to learn or utilize complicated {{ code }} or syntax to create your documents, there are a few initial concepts and tools to learn.

What is a Precedent?

A precedent is a document (or collection of documents) that is meant to be used or otherwise reproduced across any of your entities.

Document Precedents

While documents can be created and used for individual entities, a precedent can be created and used for documents across all of your entities.

Creating your own Precedents

Access the Precedent View from the Dashboard.

A precedent can be created in the same way as a document. The main difference is that a precedent does not reference a particular entity or set of information. Instead, a precedent is a generic document that can be used once or many times across your entire collection of entities.

Create a new Precedent by clicking the “Add New Precedent” button from the right side of the Toolbar.

Creating Precedent Documents

We highly recommend that you complete the Document Production Chapter prior to creating precedent documents.

You will notice a familiar user interface to how you create documents via the Entity View.

To get started, simply start typing. You may also paste in text directly from your computer. You can freely format or otherwise edit your content.

Unlike creating documents based on an individual entity, fill-ins in the precedent editor do not resolve to a specific entity  until the precedent is applied to an entity from within the Entity View.

This is because precedents from the Precedent View may to be used by  any of your available entities.

Inserting a Precedent into a Document

When you are ready to apply a precedent to an entity, MinuteBox automatically matches fill-ins with information from the Entity Information Summary.

Simply open the Documents section of the entity you are looking to create a document or package for.

Simply type the "/" key (what we call our "Slash Command"), and search for "Insert Precedent", select the precedent you wish to apply a and the once generic precedent will automatically be applied to the entity you are working on.

Saving Documents as a Precedent

You can quickly copy and paste documents you have created in a specific entity as a Precedent. For instance, MinuteBox will automatically change entity-specific fill-ins (like "Ace Alice Inc." above) to the more genericized fill-in name (like "Entity Name" above)

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