📑 Working with Documents in MinuteBox

The Documents module in MinuteBox enables you to create new documents based on the data already in your Entity Information Summary.

Documents Menubar

Menu Item Item / Description
View Hide / View Table of Contents
Undo / Redo Undo / Redo Action (Command-Z / Command-Shift-Z)
Format Use this panel to add styles to your document.
Fill-Ins Use this panel to add data fields from your
Entity Information Summary into your document.
Slots Use this panel to display where all of your Fill-Ins
are being used throughout your document.
Document Use this panel to display options for the current
Document you are working on.
Export Exports your documents
The "/" Command
Unleashes the power of your keyboard
+ plain text search to access most
available functionality. Just press the / key!

The "/" Command

The  "/" Command is a quick way to access just about every setting and feature across in the Documents module.

Block Options
These "/" commands allow you to edit and maneuver
blocks and sections using only your keyboard.

Available Commands
/ select
/ move section up
/ move section down

Style Options
These "/" commands allow you to change the style
of a particular block or section.
Available Commands
/ heading
/ sub-heading
/ paragraph
/ numbered paragraph
/ list

Insert Options
These "/" commands allow you to insert new items into
a particular block or section

Available Commands
/ insert precedent
/ insert signature
Fill-In Options
These "/" commands allow you to insert
available fill-ins directly from your database
into your document/precedent.
Available Commands
/ accounting number
/ addresses
/ audit exemption
/ authorized to instruct
/ business names
/ business numbers
/ business type
/ capital assets
/ capital holders
/ chairperson casting vote
/ client
/ client standing
/ contract authority
/ corporation number
/ created by
/ director quorum
/ directors
/ directors authorized
/ domain names
/ entity group 
/ entity name 
/ entity type 
/ extra-provincial registrations 

/ governing documents 
/ governing statute 
/ imports 
/ incorporation date 
/ incorporators 
/ jurisdiction 
/ land registrations 
/ matter number 
/ minute book location 
/ municipal business licenses 
/ officers 
/ ppsa registrations 
/ patents 
/ regulatory licenenses 
/ responsible 
/ service providers 
/ shareholder quorum 
/ trademarks 

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